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Sweets & Treats
Recent Cakes 
5th-Nov-2011 01:59 pm - BLOG HAS MOVED!!!
In case anyone is wondering, my blog about cooking/baking has moved to http://makes-cakes.blogspot.com

If you're wondering what's new in the land of Myra, check out http://myras-mommy.blogspot.com

Happy baking and babying!
22nd-Oct-2010 09:53 am - Waiting for Caking!
I'm SO excited for  Halloween!!! Myra is going to be a bumble bee . We're going trick-o-treating together on the early side, though I won't let her have any  candy. Waiting now for a massage, my mom and I get one every six weeks or so because our chiropractor hasn't been available lately. And later, I'm going to make some sweets!! Probably  orange spice cupcakes  because they are my current favorite, maybe with rose butter-cream frosting!!!! mmmm, can't wait.
19th-Oct-2010 10:13 am - Fog
          This morning, Myra saw fog for the first time. She screamed me awake around 7:00am, expelled a  tremendous poop, and announced she was ready to meet the dawn. We trudged through half made quilts and teething toys strewn all over the living/dining room,  tripping over her bouncer in the kitchen as we made our way to the back door to let in the cat (who had also been yowling since 7). The back door is usually sunny at this time or soon after, but today it was dark. The yard didn't look anything special, just an ordinary autumn morning: browning leaves on the fruit trees, the almost-dead crab-grass lawn starting to flourish again from the rain, over cast sky. We ate a piece of leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast and went to the front door to let the cat back out for his morning wizz. The playground was a mess of thick, puffy fog. Myra quieted and stared at it like the world had ended. "It's just fog," I told her. "Nothing to worry about. Sucks for you and your morning walk though".
"Huuu..," said Myra.
16th-Oct-2010 11:16 pm - Self-Rising Flour?
<img src=&quot;http://i747.photobucket.com/albums/xx116/makes_cake/clip_image003.jpg&quot;>
So I have this cute calendar with one-a-day  cupcake recipes on it, and almost every recipe includes "self-rising flour".  What is this? After some googling, let me answer that. Self-rising flour is flour for those who have  never baked, or have children. These are the only excuses. I was so confused I went and read my flour bag, wondering if I'd missed something. What WAS this, self-rising flour? What did it do? Was it flour with baking powder or soda mixed in? So here it is, self-rising flourCollapse )

I can't understand why you'd need this. It saves about 30 seconds in a complicated process that may or may not get screwed up BECAUSE of this. In some sense, you could argue it is useful, but what if you need a different ratio or BP to flour?  I think the recipes should just add those two lines in: 1.5 tsp BP and 1/2 tsp salt. It's not that hard. It's right up there with recipes that call for specific, brand name products which you have to go buy specifically. Ex: A white cake with "brand name here" white cake mix and "brand name there" chocolate frosting. That's not a recipe. That's "I forgot to make you something" cake.

No wonder some people can't bake. Not all of us can put everything in a bowl and beat it. Not everyone can follow instructions at all.
12th-Oct-2010 10:43 pm - Delays
I think I'd be much more likely to post if the writing page was just as cute as the actual journal. I haven't finished the quilt yet due to all kinds of delays: I'm sick, my baby is well, a baby, and I sewed an entire row the wrong way!!! I wasn't paying attention to the way the fabric was when I was cutting the blocks, and the direction of the pattern doesn't match the rest. So I have to take the whole thing out and do it again, but it won't be that bad because it is just a bunch of seams I can pin and do all at once.
8th-Oct-2010 01:20 pm - Quilting
I've been quilting recently, making a king size quilt for our bed. I started a smaller quilt before I had Myra and am finishing that one too.  Here's a picture of one of the squares I just finished:

I'm practicing lining applique items with what I call a caterpillar stitch, because it's big fat soft and squishy. I'm sure it has some technical name and I'm also sure I don't care what it is because I have become quite fond of calling it after such. This is the final square in my quilt for Myra, I'm sewing the borders right now! Update in a few hours if I manage to complete it today. 
1st-May-2010 10:29 pm - ~*♥*~*`New Camera!!!!!!`*~*♥*~

We bought a camera today! Now I can take millions of pictures of me and hubby when he's around, and we'll be all over the internet like nobody's business. You can either read everything in my cut (which include some stills of my tummy! and also, my weird zitty face) OR you can watch the video below!!! The sounds is really bad on it, because my camera is just pretending to be a camcorder, but I'd say it's got really good zoom transitions and focusing.

Of course my mother has to remind me how old she is by asking if I'm sure I have all the batteries in the right place, and if I remembered all of the batteries. I just stared at her, confused, and she explained "our camera has two different batteries, one for the camera and one in the flash". I pointed to the older digital camera sitting on the desk and asked, "that one?". "no," she told me, "the one I've had since before you were born". Thanks, mom, the one I purchased is also digital, brand new, with an automatically opening shutter and pop-up flash. Even if the flash did need a battery, I have no idea how I'd trick the camera into holding still to let me put it in. (I have a hard enough time tricking my printer into moving it's little arm out of the way so I can replace the ink).


Stills of my tummy, room, and comments!Collapse )
20th-Apr-2010 07:36 pm - "Pooping on your baby"
So I basically knew this was a bullshit thing when people started asking me about "pooping on my baby" but I finally found an article on the actual thing, as well as spoke with my doctors about it. I really don't like anyone trying to tell me what is best about my birth plan or lifestyle when they've never had kids. Most of them will understand how it doesn't matter so much in a couple years when they have kids (if they ever do, since this freaks them out so bad, how are they going to deal with everything else?).

Poop Truth, as written by Dr. Buxton OB/GYNCollapse )


The thing is, I don't really care. I mean, yeah, you maybe shit a little, they clean it up (which is why they put those piddle pads underneath you, so they can change it and not worry about missing a spot) and it doesn't get on your baby. Maybe if you gave birth at home with a really slow, unskilled "midwife" instead of a legally certified one, or if you went to a really ghetto, shitty hospital, but it's just not going to get on your baby.

The other thing I don't get is why people care, since a) they can't remember it and b) it's your moms, she also managed to give you life at the same moment. Either they're flat out lying about how upset they really are, or they don't really have that much to live for because I would have thought that a little poo would be fine as long as you're out and alive and all

17th-Apr-2010 12:49 am(no subject)
Today we got the baby's stroller and infant car seat!!!! I'm so excited to be able to bring her home in it, and when she's a bit older to bring her out of the house and take her for walks. This is the stroller we got, the Eddie Bauer Cicely Travel System (pink!)
It has SO many little features that make it awesome, including a hide-away box, a basket big enough for my GARGANTUAN diaper bag, and three cup holders!! (one for baby, on her tray ♥)

Oh, by the way, this is our diaper bag which is also cutesy-tootsie:

I love it because it came with a changing pad, a mini photo album, has three bottle holders inside and two outside, and a whole bunch of room inside for anything and everything. It fits a blanky, a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, bottles, a stuffy toy, and still has plenty of room for something else, (I checked!). The only thing is that the zipper sticks a little bit but I'm hoping it'll wear in with use. If not, I've got my eye on another one from sears which is also chocolate/strawberry style!!!
15th-Apr-2010 12:07 am - Baby's Birth Plan

Here is my birth plan, I just finished perfecting it! I didn't include the wish not to have an enema or any of those awful anti-poop meds because apparently it's not standard anymore, so I don't have to fend them off with a cattle-prod. I'm so excited for my baby to come, I only have about 7 more weeks left!!!!!! She's gonna be so beautiful and baby-ish!!! ♥

Upon Admission:

  • I would prefer not to have a heparin lock or IV, but if one is required I will have a heparin lock. I do not want an IV and especially do not want a catheter.
  • I would like the option to wear my own clothes while I am in labor.
  • I am aware of my pain management options and will ask for medication if I need it. I would like to try acupressure, a warm shower, breathing techniques, and massage before turning to any kind of medication for relief.

During Labor:

  • I would like to be allowed to eat and drink as I feel the need, so that I can maintain my health and minimize the trauma of birth to my own body and my child’s.
  • I would like to be up and out of bed as much as possible.
  • I would like my membranes to rupture naturally, if possible.
  • I would like any procedures, tests, or exams to be announced and explained to me before they are preformed so that I may be informed and aware of them.
  • I would like to have intermittent fetal monitoring, if possible.
  • I would like to try different pushing positions and be up as much as possible during stage 2 of labor.
  • I do NOT want a routine episiotomy. I would like perineum massage and risk a tear.

During and After Birth:

  • I would like to leave the option open for my husband to cut the cord. If he is uncomfortable with it in the hospital or unable to do it, I would like to have one of my support persons (such as my aunt, mother, or friend) cut the cord instead.
  • I would like skin-to-skin contact right after delivery of our baby. We would like to delay any procedures that are not absolutely necessary (such as weighing, measuring, medication, bathing, etc.) so that the baby can have as much skin-to-skin contact with mom as possible.
  • I would like the baby to remain with me, or within my sight, at all times. If for some reason (life threatening) she must be removed from my room and taken somewhere, I would like my husband or another of my support people to accompany her. For no reason except immediate surgical procedures do I want her to be separated from me or my family.
  • I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible. I would like to breastfeed before anything else such as weighing, measuring, bathing, and shots.
  • I would like our baby to receive the antibiotic eye ointment, the vitamin K injection, and the Hepatitis B vaccine AFTER I breastfeed.
  • I would like to exclusively breastfeed. Please do NOT give our baby anything else in her mouth that could present in nipple confusion. Do not give our baby a bottle, a pacifier, sugar water, formula or anything else orally without discussing it with me first.


  • I would like to recover after birth naturally and avoid the use of pitocin. I would rather try nipple stimulation and uterine massage than receive pitocin.

Thank you for the help and support of birthing our baby!

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